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Öhman Events is the organizer of the Wolf of Wall Street event in Stockholm. We sell all tickets via our own websites/channels and venue/agent Cirkus. All questions, requests, and any claims regarding tickets and/or other products and services must be directed to us. Any questions regarding the venue should be directed to Cirkus.

In order for a booking to be regarded as confirmed, payment must be made no later than the specified payment date to the recipient stated on the booking confirmation. The booking confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking. If you do not find the confirmation, it may have automatically ended up in your spam. If you have not received any confirmation within 24 hours, contact us at and send your booking number together with your name, e-mail address and telephone number to the person who made the booking.

1. Booking & Payment

1.1 The terms of the organizer

Current conditions for the organizer can be found on the booking confirmation.

1.2 What are your obligations as a customer when booking?

As a customer, you are obliged to check the booking confirmation yourself as soon as it is received. Any errors must be reported immediately.

1.3 Minimum age for booking

To book tickets/enter into an agreement, the customer must be at least 18 years old.

1.4 Tickets for personal use only

Tickets may only be purchased for personal use and may not be used commercially. This means that tickets may not be purchased and/or resold for commercial purposes but can be given away as a gift. Tickets may also not be offered in competitions or in connection with the offer of another product or service without a written consent of Öhman Events, the responsible organizer.

1.5 Purchases that contravene set conditions

Öhman Events reserves the right to cancel a booking or purchase, and to close a customer account with immediate effect if the customer does not provide correct information about him/herself or otherwise violates or attempts to circumvent Öhman Events’ terms and conditions that apply to ticket purchases. In the event of cancellations for the reasons mentioned above, a reasonable administration fee will be charged. Öhman Events may also decide not to refund the ticket price paid.

1.6 When will the booking of tickets for the event become binding?

When paying with debit card/credit card, the following applies: A ticket booking can be canceled until payment has been made. The Distance Contracts Act’s rules (Distansavtalslagen) on the right of withdrawal do not apply to the purchase of event tickets. When payment has been made, the customer is therefore bound by his/her purchase and waives the right of withdrawal. Lost ticket will not be reimbursed.
When paying by e-invoice or paper invoice, the following applies: A ticket booking is binding when the purchase has been confirmed at and or by telephone. The Distance Contracts Act’s rules on the right of withdrawal do not apply to the purchase of event tickets. Once the customer has confirmed the purchase, it is seen as binding and the customer waives the right of withdrawal. Lost ticket will not be reimbursed.

1.7 When and to whom should payment be made?

In order for a booking to be regarded as confirmed, payment must be made no later than the specified payment date to the recipient stated on the booking confirmation.

1.8 Methods of payment

Öhman Events provides the following methods of payment for bookings made through our websites and
• Debit Card Swedish – pay with Visa or MasterCard. Free of charge, no fees will be added.
• Credit Card Swedish – pay with credit card. Free of charge, no fees will be added.
• Debit Cards Foreign – pay with Visa or Mastercard. Free of charge, no fees will be added.
• Credit Cards Foreign – pay with credit card. Free of charge, no fees will be added

2. Booking conditions

2.1 General booking conditions

Registration/booking is binding, except in the event of the event is postponed due to the current pandemic ”COVID19” (see par 2.5 for detailed info). The customer’s ticket will then automatically be valid for the new date. Should the customer instead wish a redemption of the ticket, a refund will be made. The customer is responsible for announcing that a refund is requested within the specified time. The booking can also be transferred to another participant if desired instead. The customer is also responsible for announcing a change of participant within the specified time. When you register your booking, you accept Öhman Events Privacy Policy, as described in section 2.7 below.

2.2 Canceled events

The customer is responsible for checking that the booked event is not canceled or moved. If the event is canceled or moved, the organizer will notify the customer. Thereafter, the customer should immediately contact the responsible organizer. The organizer is responsible for questions such as rebooking to other date/s or redemption of tickets. If the event organizer charges an administration fee for the redemption of the ticket, this is deducted on the repayment date.

2 3 Errors at the time of delivery

Errors that occur at the time of delivery regarding booked tickets for events must be reported immediately. This is done primarily to the organizer’s customer service at If the customer has failed to seek amendment and thus has not given the organizer the opportunity to rectify any deficiencies, the customer cannot subsequently claim compensation. If the customer is still not satisfied with the compensation/reimbursement, this must be handled according to the organizer’s conditions.

2.4 Obstacles due to force majeure

If the event cannot be carried out due to an obstacle beyond the control of the organizer/venue, which they could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account when the agreement was entered into and the consequences of which they could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, the organizer/venue is free of liability for damages or other sanctions.

2.5 Especially about obstacles due to the pandemics

The current pandemic ”COVID 19”, might entails a risk that the event you buy a ticket to may be affected. ”COVID 19” means the spread of the virus known as “SARS-CoV-2”, each mutation and variant of the virus and the diseases that the virus gives rise to. As a basic condition for your ticket purchase, we therefore have the right to cancel and/or postpone the event due to circumstances caused by the pandemic (government regulations, laws and regulations, illness, etc.). If the event is canceled, you have the right to get the entire ticket price back. 

2.6 Law and price changes beyond Öhman Events’ control

Öhman Events reserves itself for the event of law- and price changes that are beyond the company’s control. We reserve us for the event of technical problems and price errors that are beyond our control and reserve the right to contact the customer within 72 hours, on weekdays, for any changes of the booking. In cases where the money has been debited from a payment card, it can take up to several business days before the money is in the account. Please note that these are the bank’s rules and nothing we can influence.

2.7 Personal data management and cookies

Read Öhman Events’ complete Privacy Policy here: link…
You guarantee that all information you provide is correct.

2.8 Personal control/credit information

We reserve the right to carry out personal checks/credit reports.

2.9 What happens if the customer and the organizer/venue do not agree?

The customer is encouraged to contact the organizer in the first instance with any complaints. If the parties do not agree, the customer can turn to the General Complaints Board (Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden).

2.10 About digital events

These conditions also apply to digital events/arrangements , in other words. events provided online. By purchasing access to such a service, you agree not to record, save, distribute, or give the public access to the event. You are also responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary technical equipment and connection with sufficient capacity.

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